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Mortem Agmen - The Path to the Abyss of Evil MC

Mortem Agmen - The Path to the Abyss of Evil MC

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Comes with 4-Panel J-Card and all-over printed cassette.

Founded in 2023, the band from Miesbach in the south of Bavaria present you 7 hate-filled black metal tracks straight from hell. After the demo "Where Life Ends Forever", the four lads have gone one step further in terms of quality.

The sinister voice of "Marbas" literally pounds the songs through the head without any consideration for  victims. The two guitarists work brilliantly in harmony with the thundering bass. The whole thing is then supported by the magnificent drums, which will raise the album to a high level in the underground.

The recording, mix and master were done by the studio "Noise Apocalypse" in Lenggries, Germany.
Produced by "Nachzehrer Cassette Manufactory"
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