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Our Releases:

NZR000: HERETIC DEATHCULT (GER) - Harbinger of Doom Digital
NZR001: HERETIC DEATHCULT (GER) - Destruction, Rage and Hate CD/Digital
NZR002: MORTEM AGMEN (GER) - Where life ends forever Demo CD/MC/Digital sold out
NZR003: TOTENWEIHE (GER) - Wanderer Demo CD/Digital
NZR004: MÖRKLAGT (GER/SWE) - Nattens kamrater I. Demo CD/Digital sold out
NZR005: PEASANT (UK) - Demo Collection CD/MC
NZR006: BEYOND THE TREES (RUS) - Beyond the trees MC/Digital sold out
NZR009: TODESSCHREI (AT) - Sturmgeister MC
NZR010: NOIRSUAIRE (FRA) - Possessed by a malignant lust MC/Digital sold out

NZR011: MORTEM AGMEN (GER) - The Path to the Abyss of Evil CD/MC/Digital


Upcoming Releases: 

NZR000: HERETIC DEATHCULT - Harbinger of Doom MC in 2024
NZR003: TOTENWEIHE - Wanderer MC in 2024
NZR007: ANCIENT TORMENT (US) - Satan´s Legacy Come Flesh CD Spring 2024
NZR008: DRAUGRHANAZ (GER) - Svartigaldur MC out in May 2024
NZR011: MORTEM AGMEN (GER) - The Path to the Abyss of Evil LP in 2024
NZR013: HELLGOAT (SWE) - Penetrating Womb and Earth CD/MC/Digital CD out on 30th May 2024
NZR014: KALMANKANTAJA (FIN) - Second Death MC Spring 2024
NZR015: KALMANKANTAJA (FIN) - Surun saattomailla MC Spring 2024
NZR016: KALMANKANTAJA (FIN) - Unohdettu MC Spring 2024
NZR017: MORBONOCT (POL/UKR) - The Highes Purpose CD/MC Summer 2024
NZR018: THORNS OF RUINS (NOR) - 1st Album CD/MC Summer 2024
NZR019: ALTAR NOCTURNO (ARG) - Solitude of Eternal Night CD/MC Summer 2024
NZR020: FILTHGRAVE (NOR) - Unholy Manifestations CD/MC Summer 2024 
NZR021: HERETIC DEATHCULT - Misanthropy enlightens the black star full of wrath MCD/MC in 2024
NZR022: HELLGOAT (SWE) - Culto Mortuo II MC in 2024
NZR023: SLAUGHTERCOFFIN (SWE) - Unholy Soldiers of Satan MC in 2024
NZR024: CRYSTAYLER (BLR) - Necroinsanity CD/MC Summer 2024
NZR025: CRYSTAYLER (BLR) - Never Seen Again MC in 2024
NZR026: CRYSTAYLER (BLR) - Vision of Death MC in 2024
NZR027: WAN (SWE) - Wolves of the North MC Fall/Winter 2024
NZR028: WAN (SWE) - Enjoy the Filth MC Fall/Winter 2024
NZR029: WAN (SWE) - Wan way to Hell MC Fall/Winter 2024
NZR030: WAN (SWE) - Gammal är äldst MC Fall/Winter 2024
NZR031: WAN (SWE) - Antichristian Douchebags Fall/Winter 2024
NZR032: WAN (SWE) - Necroholic/Decade of Filth MC Fall/Winter 2024
NZR033: THY MIST (MEX) - Hymns of the Highthrones MC Summer/Fall 2024
NZR034: CHYMIST (FIN) - Opus I: Nox MCD/MC Summer/Fall 2024
NZR035: EDOMA (RUS) - Shades of cold despair MCD/MC Summer/Fall 2024
NZR036: AMYSTERY (GER) - Extermination, Followed by Cryptic Silence MC Fall/Winter 2024
NZR037: AMYSTERY (GER) - Grim Satanic Blessing MC Fall/Winter 2024
NZR038: AMYSTERY (GER) - All hail the Cult MC Fall/Winter 2024
NZR039: APOCALYPTIC LEADERS (GRE) - Exists in Chaos CD Summer/Fall 2024
NZR040: PUTRID TORSO (GER) - Grotesque Nightmares MCD/MC Fall/Winter 2024

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