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Hypnos - Deathbirth DigiMCD

Hypnos - Deathbirth DigiMCD

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Death metal

Besides two brand new songs, this one will also contain three cover versions. The first one is actually not a "real" cover version but a rework of "Infernational", a song from Hypnos' debut album from 2000. It will certainly be interesting to hear how the song sounds 23 years later. The second cover "Short Report on the Ritual Carnage" is an even older song written by HYPNOS frontman Bruno for the KRABATHOR album "Lies" in 1995. The fifth and last track of the MCD will be "Light Hates Me" by Czech metal band SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION, who have a personal connection to HYPNOS through guitarists Vlasa and Canni. The recording also introduces the new band member drummer Sataroth, who replaced founding member Pegas.

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