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Stormfront - Der Død Og Kjød Forenes DigiCD

Stormfront - Der Død Og Kjød Forenes DigiCD

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STORMFRONT was spawned in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway in 1996 after many fires had set. A spark was lit in the mountains above Lillehammer and the demo "Styggmyrs Triumf" was released. Furthermore the songs got pressed on a split with with Gaahl´s own GAAHLSKAGG (ex-GORGOROTH and TRELLDOM) in 1999. After a hiatus and years of inactivity the band returned in 2010 still keeping the rawness combined with melodies as from the early days. Two splits and an album have been released since the recurrence and in 2023 it´s time again to unleash death, plague and satan upon the world with the new album "Der Død Og Kjød Forenes". Worship death, worship satan, worship doom and worship darkness... STORMFRONT delivers the ritual music full of raw primitive Norwegian Black Metal art.

Pro-replicated CD manufactured with a glasmaster (no CDr). Packed in a 6-panel glossy Digipack and wrapped up in shrink foil. Strictly limited to 300 copies includ

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