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Eldborg - Ut i det Fjerne LP red transparent

Eldborg - Ut i det Fjerne LP red transparent

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Folk/Black Metal


“Ut i det Fjerne”, self-released on tape in 2009 in an edition of 100 copies, is the only release from Eldborg from Kiel that is now experiencing a rebirth on vinyl. Why? Because this demo recording is a wonderful gem of German-Norwegian folk metal art! In order to generate an optimal listening experience, the material has been rearranged and edited, making this LP a unique and special collector's item! For fans of Vintersorg, Falkenbach, Glittertind, Utmarken and similar acts.

Red transparent, 140 g heavy 12″ vinyl, strictly limited to 110 hand-numbered copies! A cooperation release between Pesttanz Klangschmiede and Schattenpfade!

Tracklist side A:
1. Villemann
2. Landnám
3. I a dream

Tracklist side B:
4. Hausten Kjem
5. Vinterstid pa Hogfjellet
6. Ut i det Fjerne

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