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Lord Astaroth - Vita Aeterna LP black

Lord Astaroth - Vita Aeterna LP black

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Black Metal


Re-release of an old underground black metal classic! Previously only released on tape, this iconic demo now finds its way to vinyl! A must for every connoisseur and lover of German black metal history!

(Lord) Astaroth was founded in 1994 and released the demo tape “Vita Aeterna” in 1996, which subsequently sold around 600 copies. In 1998 the 7-inch split with Cryptic Wintermoon, limited to 1000 copies, was released on Perverted Taste Records. In addition to Lord Astaroth, the musicians of Lord Astaroth are also active in Cryptic Wintermoon, Necros Christos, Violation, Hatespawn, Angelus Mortis, Ableben, Nuclear Storm, Homicidal Violence, Iratus Nebula...

Black 12″ vinyl, strictly limited to 150 hand-numbered units. A collaboration release between Crawling Chaos and Shadow Paths.

Tracklist side A:
1. Intro
2. Lucifer
3. Guardians of the past
4. Traitor
5. Night feelings

Tracklist side B:
6. Warriors of Justice
7. Blood sacrifice
8. Book of Lies
9. Outro

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