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Morvigor - De Spiegel DigiCD

Morvigor - De Spiegel DigiCD

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Black Metal

Morvigor are preparing to release a brand new EP; titled De spiegel, the two tracks mark a new beginning for the Dutch four piece. Having released their previous album in 2017, the band has emerged from a period of metamorphosis with renewed purpose and a clear vision for their future.

Morvigor embody expressive black metal, their elongated missives are propelled forward with an energy that makes their unorthodox approach feel visceral and vital. Mixing both clean and harsh vocals, abrasive sounds and more mellow, ambient passages, the band invite us to join them on a journey that willfully wanders off the beaten track. The scope of their music veers towards the cinematic as they sweep through progressive and post-metal territory, while the embrace of blistering black metal is rarely far from sight.

Although they view their cryptic lyrics as a nonessential part of the Morvigor experience, they traverse themes of existentialism, absurdism, and philosophical thought anchored in feelings of alienation, curiosity, anxiety and wonder. Lyrics are written as a stream of consciousness by bassist Evio, with his individual experiences flowing freely through short bursts of intuitive, freeform writing. Each word sung or note played is an individual expression of an individual experience of existence.

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