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Visegard - Skogsdømt DigiCD

Visegard - Skogsdømt DigiCD

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Born during a dark night of 2007 in the Telemark area of ​​Norway, VISEGARD started their heathen path of traditional Norwegian Black Metal deeply rooted in the early 90's. "Skogsdømt" was originally released in 2015 as a 2-song CDEP by the band itself and for this rerelease 2 additional tracks from the same recording session got added as bonus. The complete music was produced by Morfeus LIMBONIC ART. Not very aggressive, but with a slight atmospheric touch, VISEGARD express themselves through monotonous mood and repetitive chords showing their love for heathen rites, musically inspired by bands like IMMORTAL, ISVIND, PERISHED, SATYRICON, TAAKE and KRYPT.

Pro-replicated CD manufactured with a glasmaster (no CDr). Packed in a 6-panel glossy Digipack and wrapped up in shrink foil. Strictly limited to 300 copies including handnumbered and stamped CNB certificate.

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